The word “mosque” literally means a place of prostration. In Arabic, and in the Qur’an, the proper word is masjid, derived from the word ‘sadj’ which means the place where one prostrates oneself. We know the masjid to be a place of assembly as we are called to it five times a day at the time of salat. However, the whole world has been made a masjid for the believer, therefore a Muslim is free to perform salat wherever he or she likes. In fact, Prophet Muhammad (saws) stated that the best place of prayer for a sister is in her house, though she should not be restricted from going to the masjid.
Among the many delights of the Sharjah are the many beautiful mosques that delight the eye and remind us of our faith.
All mosques are built facing Makkah, the direction of which is known as Qiblah. One or two minarets usually tower above the main building bearing loudspeakers, which call the Muslims to pray.
Today, the new constructions combine traditional artistry with modern architecture.