East Coast

Scenically, the East Coast is the most beautiful area of the whole country. Golden sand beaches line the bays, which break the steep rocky folds dipping into the clear blue waters of the Indian Ocean. Renowned for its water sports, snorkeling, diving and relaxing, this coast creates the ideal break for a weekend, either camping or residing in the motels and hotels which line the coast.

From Masafi the left turn at the roundabout brings you past the Masafi falls and water bottling factory, over a spectacular pass and down onto the gravel plain of Dibba, where the Indian Ocean stretches out before you. A 4 WD trip through Wadi Tayyebah (turn left 10 kms after Masafi, just before the start of the pass) on some tarmac, mainly track is an interesting diversion. Also good for mountain biking.

The east coast includes the towns of:

Al Dhaid
Dibba Al Hisn