Islamic culture is a beautiful culture. It is based on simplicity and elegance. In this article we will discuss briefly about dressing ways in the Islamic culture. It is the requirement of religion Islam that both men and women should not interact openly with one another and should try as much they can to keep their bodies covered. In fact Islam has given some directions as to how one should cover his or her body. The instructions vary for men and women. The dressing expected is moderate and aims at hiding shame by covering the body properly. The Holy Quran has given the instructions as to how one should cover oneself.
Instructions on how to dress
• Men should cover the lower section of their body that is from the navel to the knee.

• Women are expected to cover themselves completely leaving only the hands and face visible. It is strictly said for women that the covered parts should not be revealed to any other man with whom she has no close relation. These relations have also been elaborated in the Holy Quran labeling them as Halal for women. They include her husband, sons, father and some other close relatives. However if there has been some medical emergency, only then these instructions can be violated.

• You should also be conscious about the dress you put on to cover yourself. It should not be some see-through cloth revealing your body. It should also not be fit enough to make prominent the shape of your body which might be alluring for any other man who sees you.

• So wear clothes that are not necessarily plain but they should be good to look at. Basically your clothing should portray your belief as a Muslim. You should not be confused with a non Muslim for your attire.

So this was a little information about Islamic culture and the way of dressing in Islam.

A Note On Islamic Culture

It is not uncommon to hear negative things about Islam from the non-Muslims. The media has portrayed a very hateful picture of the religion Islam and that is why, most people are against this religion. However, if you do research on Islam or if you talk to an Islamic scholar then you will realize how truthful, beautiful and sane this religion is. Islam means ‘peace’ and everything it contains is related to peace and serenity so it would be incorrect to say that it is an extreme religion.
Islamic culture is considered to be very backward and pathetic by the non-Muslims. They say that it contains lots of rules and limitations which do not motivate a person to live a happy and liberal life. However, the truth is that Islamic culture is the best culture in the world because every aspect of this culture contains things that are beneficial for the people. It does not contain any hateful or extreme rule that would destroy a person’s life.
Islamic culture gives the messages of peace, unity, equality and happiness. It contains a book called ‘Quran’ which as guidance on every aspect of life. When a Muslim follows Islamic culture he or she becomes distinguished from animals or become superior to them. Whatever Quran tells us to do have been proven beneficial scientifically. Quran is really a miracle which has amazing facts that were written hundreds of years ago and now scientists are proving them also true.
The history of Islamic Culture shows inspirational architecture, paintings, written pieces, musical verses and tapestry. There were various talented Muslims who depicted love of God in their creations. In Muslim countries, you will definitely find museums where Islamic culture and history is shown so that everyone can know how vast and beautiful this religion actually is.