Water Sports

The UAE provides ideal conditions for all water sports for most of the year; lagoons, creeks and harbors for wind-surfing with designated areas for water skiing and jet skiing, mangroves for kayaking and canoeing, the East Coast for snorkeling and diving plus the Arabian Gulf coastal shores for sailing.  The sea is generally safe and unpolluted, perfect for swimming and snorkeling.

Many of the beach clubs offer water sports facilities including hire of equipment.

Pool facilities are widespread. Most hotels, schools and clubs have their own pool and offer swimming lessons or provide access to such facilities.

A canoe trip is a stimulating way of passing leisure time

Jet Skiing
Sharjah lagoons provide ideal conditions for jet skiers.

A calm quiet way to enjoy an afternoon

Enjoy colorful sights of the underwater life

Sub Aqua Diving
There are many centers offering diving trips and training

Swimming off the beaches is possible whether it’s a public beach or a hotel beach club.

Water Skiing
Diving is a popular sport due to the variety of marine life

Sharjah lagoons are popular spots for windsurfers