Ride on the Ship of the Dessert

People enjoy traveling on cruises. The journey on ships by sea is an adventure for everyone. But there is another kind of ships in this world in which people love to ride as well. Those ships are known as the ships of the dessert. Camels are known as ships of dessert. The best ride for dessert is a camel.
Camel is sensitive but yet very tough animal. It is the toughest animal for the dessert. It seems that they are specially created for the travelers in the dessert. In old times, camels were used for milk, meal, travel and many other purposes. Meaning thereby, the milk and meat of the camels are also very useful for humans and people who lives in deserts are very used to for both of these things, along with camel riding.
Camels are categorized in categories of three types. One type is used for carrying burdens. These are the camels used for trade in desert areas. The second type of camels is used for milk. Whereas the third type of camels are very special and are only used for racing. The camel race is an art and fun for dessert.
The biggest problem in the desert is unavailability of water and the biggest advantage of camel riding in the dessert is that camel can survive without water for many weeks, sometimes even for months in the winter as well as in summer. Like horses, camel riding is a good source of income. The tourists and locals enjoy camel riding. In desserts, they are used to carry tourists from one place to the other place.
Camel trek is something very enjoyable. Before going for trekking, consider the healthiest camel to ride. Camel riding is more fun when your animal is strong and healthy. So before getting on it, take a complete look and choose the best one to enjoy the ride.