Appreciating Islamic culture

Almost everywhere you go in the world today; people have a very wrong perception about the Islamic Culture. Many people think that this culture is all about violence and death. They think that it is a culture that teaches revenge and hatred. However, if anyone paid close attention to the true culture of Islam, they will learn that it actually teaches the exact opposite of these evils. It is a culture that teaches peace, love and brotherhood. It teaches forgiveness, reconciliation and unity. Unfortunately, many people are unbothered by this truth and they continue to maintain their wrong beliefs and this is why this culture is seen in a negative light by many people today.
A good number of evil minded people are taking the teachings of Islamic Culture and twisting them to suit their person selfish needs. This is why people around the world are continuously failing to understand that this culture is one of the most peaceful. For one to appreciate this culture, they have to begin by putting aside whatever stereotypes they have concerning the culture. Then they should take some time and find out from true Muslims about what their impressions of their culture are. Many true Muslims will actually express their sadness at the fact that across the whole world, Islam is misunderstood by many people.
Appreciating Islamic culture is a very vital part of human existence and this is one of the ways in which international peace can be attained. As long as people understand that the culture of Islam preaches positive and not negative things, then they can begin to stretch out a hand to reconcile with the Muslims. As long as people continue to wrongfully condemn this culture, the people from this culture will continue to feel like the rest of the world is not really listening to them but rather listening to the few misguided people who are doing evil acts in the name of Islam.