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The Islamic Culture – Teaching Peace and Unity

In the recent past, it has become common that Islam as a religion is condemned as a religion of aggression and negativity. This stereotype has greatly been propagated and fronted by paranoid people who have not taken time to actually understand what exactly the Islamic Culture is all about. This culture is one of the most peaceful cultures in the entire world and contrary to what many people think, it is actually a culture that fosters peace and unity.
Right from the historical days when the Islamic Culture was beginning to spread, there was emphasis on the aspect so of peace, love, joy, unity and togetherness. Along the way, some radical people thought that this message of peace was too soft and so they looked for ways to alter the perception of the culture. Having said this, the truth in this culture lies in the fact that it continues to preach against disunity and any aspect of human life that are destructive. It is no surprise that from time immemorial, the culture has encouraged people to share with others, to give to the poor and to look after the less privileged as it recognizes the fact that some people are less fortunate in life than others. It is the responsibility of the more fortunate people to look after their brothers and sisters who might be unfortunate.
The concept of the Islamic Culture is one that many people have failed to understand and this is why there is plenty of hate and fear towards Islam as a whole. However, for a culture that teaches equality and truth, there can be no mistaking what its true intentions are. There are many non Islamic people who live among the Islamic people and they often confess that they never receive more love from anywhere else as compared to the love they receive from those who practice this Culture.

Philosophy Behind Praying Together

There are a number of religions in the world. All these religions have their own code of ethics and conduct and all these religions ask their followers to abide by certain rules and regulations. Apart from the set of instructions regarding the religious activities, there are certain guidelines for social activities as well in religions. There are religions like Christianity who would ask their followers to take leave from the society, rest in a lone corner and remain busy in worshipping God. And at the very same time, there is religion like Islam who would rather insist its followers to remain within the society and pray as a group and forge a strong bond between them. Thus praying together is largely considered an activity, which is not only meant to serve religious purposes but also to ensure that the social setup of Muslims remain intact throughout the time.
Praying together has been considered a very useful activity even by certain non Muslim scholars and social scientists. According to some of those, praying together enables Muslims to remain aware of the problems going on within the society, it helps them to share what the desperately need to share, it gives them a chance to lend a hand of help to each other and above all it gives them a feeling that they are living their life as a family within society. Thus, considering these points, praying together is largely a positive activity for all the Muslims living in all parts of the world. Muslims come together at least five times a day to offer prayers at a common place and in this way; they remain one before God and within themselves. Although there are certain misconceptions about the practice of praying together but all those are far from true since praying together is a peaceful activity by all means.