Islamic Culture – Reflecting Peace and Harmony

Religions, no matter which one it is, teach peace and social harmony. In the last decade or so, there have been huge misunderstandings about the norms and culture of Islam. Around the world, due to negative projections by print and electronic media, Islam has been pictured as a religion of extremism. But the fact of the matter is that Islam is far from all this fuss and chaos.
In fact, Islam is a religion which is based on global harmony. It is possibly the only religion of the world which has made it compulsory for its followers to pray for each other’s well being whenever two persons come across each other. Islam has made it mandatory to share a part of wealth with those who cannot afford to live a sound life. Islam is the only religion of the world which has clear rules and regulations regarding the right of women to move in society, to vote and to be equally treated as men. Islamic culture supports justice and supremacy of courts in society. It discourages ill treating human beings on any discrimination. For non Muslims, Islam has got some clear rules. Non Muslims are always allowed to live in Muslim societies. They can practice their religious acts as and when they want. Islam also bounds the government of the Muslim states to see that the minorities living in that country are well served and cared for. The religious places of minorities are given full protocol and worth in Islamic states.
Thus it can be very safely concluded that Islam is a religion that teaches harmony, brotherhood and global peace. Due to certain unfortunate incidents, a media war broke up against Islamic laws and culture which started ruining the actually face and culture of Islam.