The Fascinating Trends In Islamic Culture

What makes a culture? Is it the mood the people living in a community, is it the economic condition of the people or is there some other factor which determines the strength of the culture? As a matter of fact, this question has been quite an interesting and challenging one for most of the social scientists. Though there are varying opinions of different social scientists about it but one thing is for sure that religions prevailing in different communities play the role of a driving force in making up the culture of that particular region. And when it comes to religions, the Islamic Culture is such a unique and attractive one that it simply stands out of the rest of the lot.
Islamic culture is featured by a lot of mesmerizing and respectful things. There are a number of social events which mark the brotherhood and social unity this religion preaches and there are thousands of petty habits this religion teaches which improve the everyday life culture of its followers. For example, it is always advisable in Islam to share gifts with your fellowmen. Now, sharing gifts doesn’t mean you need to exchange necklaces of thousands of dollars every time. A gift can be anything you present with respect and love. At times, a gift may just be a pen, a cap or even a single fruit! Similarly, there are occasions in almost every three to five months or so when all members of the community are bound to get together, hug each other, sit and share their problems, issues and happy moments with each other. This trend increases and strengthens the social bond between people and people do not find themselves isolated in this fierce world. Thus Islamic culture can truly be regarded as one of the finest ones in the world!