A Refined Islamic Culture!…

Islam is the religion of peace and followed in many countries of the world. Islamic culture starts from Arab states and covers many different cultures and geographical boundaries. Now days it is present especially in Arab states, Africa, South East Asia and South Asia. Islamic culture covers every department of life of its followers and gives distinctions from others. Islamic culture is rich in brotherhood, tolerance, peace, humanity and self respect. In Islamic culture we observe unity among Muslims at particular events like hajj, eids and prayers. Islamic culture gives emphasis on education and research for truth. In Islamic culture acquiring of education is compulsory for both males and females. It gives rights to women in property of parents. Effects of Islamic culture are also observed in social life of Muslims like at the events of Eid and traditional festivals where they exchange gifts and goods with each other. They share happiness and money is also given to poor people so that they should also celebrate the special events.
History of Islamic culture tells us great success stories in different fields of life. Muslims scholars worked very hard in different fields of science, arts and literature. They follow the teachings of their religion Islam in this regard and became the pioneer in the fields of geography, surgery, physics and chemistry. Muslims empires showed its colours on the culture of world and enriched it by applying special and excellent Islamic art and expertise. They applied it in the field of construction, literature and government.
In different regions of the world they build mosques, forts and parks. These included Badshahi Mosque and Taj Mahil in South Asia and Istanbul’s Sultan Ahmed Mosque in Turkey. They open new eras in the field of literature, calligraphy and research. It is concluded that Islamic culture is distinct from others and very colorful and gives equal opportunities to its followers for enjoyment and relax. Islamic culture gives lesson to Muslims to acquire knowledge of different fields and got respectful destination among other nations of the world.