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Why Camel Riding Is So Much Fantasized In Arab?

Different cultures across the globe are known for their peculiar colors, festivity and traditional practices. In fact, culture is a name given to the beautiful amalgam of all the above mentioned ingredients within a society. And as a matter of fact, the color of sports and games is the most evident and sparkling one in any culture. In Arab region, one of the most exciting sports activities is that of the camel race. And there are some good reasons for why camel race is such a renowned sport in this part of the world.
In fact, sports and games are strictly associated with the weather conditions and the topography of a region. For example, in a region where there is no water body, you cannot expect swimming to be a popular sport. Similarly, where mountains peaks are found in abundance, you are more likely to find the trend of hiking in people. Moreover, places where there is high snowfall, you would witness sports like skating and snow hockey. So, in Arab region, there are extensive deserts and Rangelands which offer the brilliant game of camel race. In fact, there are only a limited number of games which can be associated with the deserts and camel race is one of them. In fact, camel race events are celebrated with full zeal and zest in these parts of the world. Animals of thousands and millions of dollars are purchased for these racing competitions and people from around the world gather to witness these races. Camel race may not be as quick a race as horse race but still it has got a lot of attraction in it. People would love to bet on these races and each year, a huge arena is made set for these races in most of the states and countries of Arab region.

Islamic Culture – Full Of Festivity…

There is simply no second question on the fact that religions around the world have been the greatest source of inspiration for different communities across the globe. And due to being so influential, religions have also been the source of driving different cultures from one phase to another. Islam, being one of the most followed religions of the world has a history of culture and traditions. In most parts of the world where Islam is the dominant religion, there are some distinct imprints of Islamic culture in the traditions, trends and colors of that region. Islamic culture, in fact, is a culture rich in brotherhood and peace. Studying this religion would reveal you that Islam preaches nothing but giving value to the fellow human beings and creating ease for them. For example, Islamic culture has such trends like giving away money to the poor every year. And this is not just a trend or option rather it is a compulsion for the followers to do so. Similarly, there is a rich tradition of exchanging gifts with fellow Muslims on celebrations like Eid.
Apart from these aspects, there are many other elements which make this culture a successful and colorful one. For example, there is quite a rich tradition of sports in Islamic culture. Islam asks its followers to focus on research and education a lot. Thus, one may confidently state that Islam is one such religion which not only asks its followers to act like a religious and follower should but also behave and strive like a student, sportsman and research oriented human being. Thus it can be very safely concluded that Islamic culture is a culture that is full of colors, festivity, peace, brotherhood and learning. And this makes Islamic culture to stand out of the crowd and be a distinct one.