The Never Heard Story Of Islamic Culture…

All human civilizations have largely been impacted by religions. No matters which era of human history you talk about, you would find a clear influence of religious ethics on the culture, traditions, laws and social patterns of that civilization. Islam, not really the oldest of the religions, has been one of the most influential religions in the world for the last fifteen hundred years or so. Originating from the plains of Arabia, this religion rooted itself into all parts of the world, leaving significant effects on the cultural values of the world. Islam, a religion of peace, brotherhood and equality, has some a strong culture to offer you. Islamic culture is often misunderstood as a culture having nothing but restrictions for the followers. However, the reality is far from this notion. Islamic culture has always been rich in social gatherings, community celebrations, sports, learning, experimentation and offering equal opportunities to all human beings.
Talking about the aspect of social celebrations, Islamic culture blesses its followers with yearly events of celebrations like Eids. There is a strong and unshaken culture of sharing your money with the needy ones which distinct Islam from all other religions. Much has been focused on research and learning is Islam. Therefore, a minute’s struggle for education has been graded better than a year’s struggle of worship. Besides, different kinds of sports events have also been a part of Islamic culture.
Therefore, it can be safely concluded that Islamic culture is a diverse, dynamic, thought provoking and constructing culture. In the last decade of so, this culture has unfortunately been associated with such anti social activities like that of terrorism but the fact remains that a wise look beneath the things reveals the glory and essence of this agile culture to you. Islamic culture, beyond all doubts, is one of the most inspiring cultures you would find in the history!