Camel Riding in Rajasthan – The Pleasure of the Thar Desert

Camel riding in Rajasthan is an ultimate adventurous experience that will take you through the heart of the lively and colorful state in India. The state of Rajasthan in itelf has a lot to offer, from haunting music in conjugation with acrobatic dances to the traditional lures. The scenery here which the desert has to offer is unparalleled, and even more when you ride on a camel’s back on the golden sands, seeing the wind create sculptures with the sand. Additionally, there are numerous palaces and forts for you to explore, and architectural amazements are available throughout the state.

When touring Rajasthan, you can either choose to ride a camel on your own with a guide in tow, or be a part of a camel safari. This is an elaborate group of camel caravans that are largely concentrated in Jaisalmer. Of course, you can come across these in more than a few places, some notable ones being Bikaner, Mandawa and Khimsar. Nevertheless, camel riding in the deserts is not always easy, and the best months to take a tour is between November and March. This is because of the scorching heat that must be battled throughout the summer. The climate in the desert is mostly extreme throughout the year. This means that you will want to wear suntan lotions and head coverings in the day, the evenings may force you to wear woolen clothes.

If it is camel riding you are very interested in, it would be an excellent idea to join a camel safari. These are groups of travellers who explore the deserts in a planned manner under the observation of guides. You may have to enroll yourself earlier depending on the popularity of the organizers. Not only do these trips give you the ultimate pleasure of camel riding, but you will also closely come to know of the unique and very interesting traditions of the local folk there.